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14 Jul 2016

Home Manager - Sheffield

Sheffield, South Yorkshire



£50,000 per annum





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JOB TITLE:               Home Manager


MAIN PURPOSE:      To oversee / maintain the care of the residents within the Care Home/Centre. To take responsibility for the day-to-day running of the Care Home/Centre, and ensure that all Company policies and procedures, and all legal requirements, are adhered to within the defined timescales.

RESPONSIBLE TO:  Operations Manager/Operations Director and Managing Director



  1. To act as a consultant to all members of staff and to maintain the highest standards of care by direct involvement and supervision.
  2. In a nursing care setting, interact with residents to ensure that their health care needs are being met and resolve any problems where appropriate. In a residential care setting, liaise with the District Nurse regarding residents’ health care needs.
  3. To maintain 24 hour responsibility of the care facility.
  4. Report any ill-health amongst residents and make requests for GP / Professional visits where necessary
  5. Ensure meals are of sufficient quantity and good quality, and that resident’s dietary needs are met
  6. Undertake general nursing work &/or personal care as appropriate
  7. Audit Care Plan documentation, to ensure best practice
  8. To act as a role model for all grades of staff.
  9. Practice maximum integrity in all dealings with residents' personal and financial affairs, and avoid abuse of the privileged relationship that exists with residents.
  10. Maintain effective communications with residents, relatives, staff members, Operations Manager, Head Office and any other concerned bodies.
  11. Obtain a report from the Person in Charge, regarding any incident / accident, and the status of any residents whose care / health is causing concern.
  12. Supervise visits and liaise with GPs in order to establish a good relationship between GPs / Health Care Professionals and the Home/ Care Centre.
  13. Ensure a clear and concise handover report is given to all staff members.
  14. Arrange / participate in staff and resident meetings.
  15. To be responsible for the selection and recruitment of all staff in line with the company policy.
  16. Be responsible for the ongoing education training and appraisal of all staff.
  17. To provide ongoing supervision and assistance to staff to ensure the necessary skills and competencies are obtained for them to full fill their role within the Home
  18. To have a direct input into the care delivery to ensure care standards are met.
  19. To be available to residents and their families at their convenience to ensure good communication.
  20. Manage, monitor and maintain budgets agreed by the Operations Team and take corrective action in conjunction with the Operations Manager.
  21. Ensure that all commodities used in and around the Care Home/Centre are sensibly conserved by all staff members.
  22. To provide a suitable and coherent rota for staff to follow to ensure staffing requirements comply with staffing notices issued by CQC.
  23. To allocate holiday entitlement in accordance with Company Policy.
  24. To comply with the Homes policies and procedures at all times.
  25. To update policies and procedures to meet the ongoing needs of the Home after consultation with the Operations Manager, and Operations Director.
  26. All records are kept up to date and issues of confidentiality are upheld.
  27. Investigate all complaints from whatever source and produce a report and recommendations for action.
  28. Undertake all disciplinary hearings required according to Company policy and ensure full documentation and that the Operations Manager, Operations Director and Human Resources Manager are kept informed.
  29. Undertake formal supervision / appraisal of Staff Members in line with Company policy, and with on-going informal assessment of the work of Staff Members, to ensure consistently high standards.
  30. Implement and initiate training for all Staff Members on the Company’s Equal Opportunities policy.
  31. To ensure that the aims and objectives of the Care Home/Centre are achieved.
  32. Any environmental issues such as repair and replacement are to be brought to the attention of the Operations Manager and Operations Director as soon as possible.
  33. Investigate all accidents in the Care Home/Centre and ensure full documentation is completed.
  34. Undertake audits of service delivery to ensure quality service is being provided and to identify areas for improvement.
  35. Be responsible for the custody of all medication in accordance with policies and procedures.
  36. Complete a comprehensive written assessment of prospective residents needs to ensure the Care Home/Centre is able to meet their needs.
  1. Actively market the Care Home/Centre and promote a positive personal / professional profile within the local community, ensuring the good reputation of the Care Home/ Centre at all times
  2. In conjunction with the Operations Manager, endeavour to fill any resident vacancy by liaising with Social Services and health authorities/boards and assessing/selecting suitable residents. (These places are to be offered within the normal terms of residency and the fee structure in operation within the Care Home/ Centre at the time).
  3. Act on any illness of an infectious nature or accident incurred by a resident, colleague, self or another. Be responsible for infection control.
  4. Understand, and ensure the implementation of, the Care Home/ Centre’s Health & Safety policy, and Emergency & Fire procedures.
  5. Carry out duties as "Responsible Officer" for the Care Home/ Centre in line with CQC/Care Commission guidelines, the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and Fire Regulations.
  6. Ensure that all existing stocks are maintained in a safe and tidy environment and reorder as and when required.
  7. Maintain such log books and records as may be required by both the Registering Authority and the Directors of the Company.
  8. Ensure that the Care Home/Centre complies with all relevant legislation and any concerns should be raised with the Operations Manager and Operations Director as soon as possible.
  9. Be ‘on-call’, for emergencies, which may arise within the Care Home/Centre, and to cover shifts if all other avenues have been exhausted.