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  • Lance Winslow

We Will All Be Elderly Seniors Eventually - Think About It

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

So often we hear about stories about the forgotten senior. Perhaps they didn't have any offspring, or perhaps tragedy struck and they outlived their children, maybe they are the surviving spouse with no one left. Those are terrible cases to consider.

Still, let me explain one that can be even worse. Maybe there has been an unfortunate rift in the family and their kids and grand kids don't call or come to visit. Whatever the case might be, it's sad to see. Most of us are saddened when we read about stories like this. Yes, there are always two-sides to the coin. Maybe a parent or grandparent had purposely distanced themselves over the years, and maybe some of the blame is there too?

Okay, we accept that there can be family issues, but our elderly seniors are still family! All too often we forget about all the years of nurturing our parents provided to us. I was listening to someone the other day tell me a story about a friend's family and emotional pain that had occurred over many decades, and it reminded me of a video I saw. Maybe if the family members had watched this video, they might have rethought their positions and put away the past animosity.

What I mean to say is life is too short, don't let it pass you by because one day it will be too late to say you are sorry.

There is that great YouTube Video I watched, I'd like you to take a moment out of your day and watch it now, you will be glad you did. The video is titled; "An Aging Mother Wrote This Letter To Her Daughter" and I recommend that you go to YouTube and look it up and watch it. I sincerely hope you will think about that, and how important family is.

Remember we will all be old and elderly one day, it will be hard for us to get around and take care of ourselves. We will need help and assistance. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we might all think of this now and pay it forward a little bit? That is the least we can do - provide assistance, respect and dignity to the elderly and bring back a bit of humanity in the process. Why not think about this now, start today and commit to helping an older family member, close relative or neighbour?

Live, Love and Enjoy Your Time Here On Earth.

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