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Educational Outreach

How we can help

Our Services.

  • One-to-one work with children

  • Group work

  • Year 6 secondary transition workshops

  • Intervention workshops

  • Attending professional meetings and liaising with outside agencies

  • Providing bespoke CPD for teachers and/or support staff around positive behaviour management

  • Supporting the reintegration of students returning to mainstream school and children who are on a managed move from another school

How we can assist you.

At Remedicare, our team shares our vision of a world where no child is left behind.

We know the UK education sector is delivering fantastic outcomes, but with more and more children struggling in mainstream education demands on teachers and support staff are increasing. Long waiting lists for support are only impacting students’ ability to engage in Education.

Remedicare helps schools support those students who are at risk or have already become disengaged, to help them engage in Education and reach their full potential.

We have worked with schools across the southeast to support them with the most challenging students to prevent crises and ensure a child is given the best opportunity for success.


We aim to help Schools that may have varying levels of need, including those:

  • displaying varying degrees of challenging presentations

  • vulnerable to poor attendance and/or refusing to attend school (EBSNA)

  • experiencing social and emotional difficulties

  • at risk of exclusion (fixed term and/or permanent)

  • who would benefit from additional support with the transition to Secondary school

  • who are reintegrating into a mainstream school from an alternative provision

  • who are on a managed move to a new school

Our Services

"Every child deserves a champion - an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be" 

Rita Pierson
Ted Talk 2013
Meet the experts

Meet Laura.

Laura has worked within the mental health and education sector for over 15years, as a qualified Counsellor specialising in CBT.


Laura has worked in schools across the south east supporting pupils with SEMH needs, ASD, ADHD and Trauma, in both mainstream and specialist settings.


As our Education Outreach Manager, she is passionate about ensuring the Remedicare team offer specialist support to students to achieve their full potential.


Laura Horton

Education Outreach Manager

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